With your single investment, you become part owner of the hospital with lifetime health security for you, your spouse and family as well as th opportunity of your shares to earn dividends and appreciate in market value.

As a personal property, the stockholder's shares can be sold, transferred and inherited, unlike one's HMO and other health insurance.

Moreover, the excellent location is strategic for medical practitioners.

THE BENEFITS (minimum of 1 block of shares per stockholder required)


Free board and lodging for total of 45days per year (comulative) in private room Fifty percent(50%) discount on professional fees

based on house case rate.

Thirty percent(30%) discount on diagnostic procedures such as x-rays, CT scan, laboratory, 2D-echo, etc.

Free operating room, delivery room and recovery room fees.

Ten percent(10%) discount for Pharmacy, CSR and OR supplies.

For Dental services:

Free consultation

Thirty percent(30%) discount on Restorative, Preventive, Periodontics, Endodontics, Surgery and Bleaching.

Ten percent(10%) discount on Prosthodontics.

Additional Benefits for Medical Stockholders

Privilege to practice and hold clinic subject to the rules and regulations of the hospital management.

Decking and rotation of HMO and house cases subject to rules and regulations of the management.

Spouse, parents and unmarried Legitimate/Legally Adopted child less than 21 years old (Not to exceed 3 children)

Fifty percent(50%) of the benefits enjoyed by principal stockholder.

Existing Philhealth and other Health insurance should be applied first in conjunction with the hospital benefits